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Guía de Vacaciones en Stann Creek, Belice

Stann Creek is a district of Belize located in the southeast region. Its capital is the city of Dangriga. In this area of Belize there are many things to do and see, it is rich in nature, archaeological sites and beautiful white sand beaches and calm sea without many waves.

Because of its location the district of Stann Creek, has many natural, beach and cultural attractions. In this district you can find the coastal town of Hopkins, a town with a lot of Garifuna culture and fishing people. Its inhabitants are mostly dedicated to fishing. This district is also rich in flora and fauna, we can see the diversity of plants, trees and animals that are in Belize, just by visiting the area of Stann Creek. This district is home to one of the best-known natural reserves in Belize, Cockscomb.

Attractions and Activities

Discovering Stann Creek

This area is mainly visited by travelers who want to spend a vacation relaxing and taking quiet walks on the beach or in nature. There are several destinations famous for their beaches like Placencia or Hopkins. If you come to Belize, you can't miss this visit. Stann Creek contains well known destinations for its beaches, so this district is the ideal place for water sports such as diving and snorkeling, activities that you can do with our guides who will take you from your hotel to the reef and you can appreciate the marine life that lives on the coast of Belize. But Stann Creek is not only beaches, from your location in any of the  beautiful towns in Stann Creek, you can visit destinations that attract visitors for their natural beauty, Belize has several forest reserves that guard the natural and cultural heritage of Belize and Stann Creek is not left behind.

You will also find natural reserves with rivers, waterfalls and caves that cross the territory of Stann Creek, you can appreciate in all its splendor the flora and fauna that is a permanent resident of Belize, every step you take into the nature of Belize is a new discovery. Our guides will point out everything you see so you can discover plants or animals that live within the Stann Creek rainforest. It is not uncommon to come across animals that live within the rainforest, and it is also not uncommon to come across a beautiful waterfall where you can dive after a hot hike anywhere in Stann Creek.


If you are a diving lover or want to learn how to do it, this is the ideal destination. The large and beautiful reefs offer a perfect setting for you to enjoy this sport to the fullest. If you are an apprentice or do not know how to dive, we have specialized instructors who will teach you how to dive during your stay in the beaches of Belize. We will give you a certificate after completing your lessons.

If you don't like diving, but you still want to enjoy the marine life found in the reefs, or you want to swim with sharks, this is a very good option, this experience is done with a mask, a snorkel and fins, you will swim at water level and you will be able to see several species of fish.

It is one of the most visited places in Belize for its quiet and beautiful white sand beaches and away from the center of Belize, is within the district Stann Creek. It has beautiful landscapes and activities in nature and water.

If you visit Stann Creek, you cannot miss a cultural visit in Dangriga, this site is the capital of Stann Creek and is full of Garifuna culture, you will see the beauty in the wooden houses painted in bright colors. Dangriga is an important part of what Belize and its Garifuna culture represents.

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Location and Map

The center of Stann Creek is located 138 km/86 mi from Belize City, the nearest international airport is Philip S. W. Goldson International Airport, a little over 2 hours away by car.

Stann Creek, Belize

Population: 35,000