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Windsurf in Belize

The constant winds that blow on the quiet coast of Belize, along the barrier reef, make wind sports very popular in Belize. The calm Caribbean Sea makes Belize perfect for windsurfing. Because of its location Belize is at the forefront of these types of activities, which daring and adventurous visitors desire.

If you are an enthusiast of water and wind activities, the coast of Belize and the cayes, are the perfect place to visit and book water and wind sports to enjoy the mix of these 2 activities. The coastal location makes windsurfing in Belize and other wind sports ideal for the expert, or if you are a beginner, we have instructors who will give you a course and you can enjoy these activities to the fullest, we guarantee that your lessons will be taught by a patient and expert instructor so that you can enjoy the wind jumps over the sea. If you are an expert, we can also take you to a place with more intense waves and get your adrenaline pumping.

Some days are perfect for bigger wave enthusiasts and can be windsurfing in Belize and moving to smaller cayes near the coast. We also have very calm wave and wind days, ideal for those who are starting out in wind sports and want to learn more about it. Wind sports are on the rise in Belize, there are many people who practice them and are experts in guiding beginners and advanced riders. You cannot miss this great experience.