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Scuba Diving and Snorkeling in Belize

Belize is one of the main diving and snorkeling destinations in the western Caribbean. Belize's coral reef has been named one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the World. It is the second largest reef in the world, after the reef in Australia. There are many places to dive and snorkel throughout the Belize territory including the keys and atolls. You will have no problem combining the diving and snorkeling site of your dreams with the hotel of your choice. Average dive depths range from 60-80 feet, from this depth you will discover the living terrain of rock and pillar coral formations.

Along the barrier reef and beyond it, there are places to dive and snorkel. Just very short trip in the sea and you can enjoy the wonderful marine life that inhabits the reef. You will observe colorful fish that live along the coasts of Belize.

If you want a wonderful experience for diving and snorkeling, you must visit the Blue Hole, this formation is located near the Lighthouse reef.

Passing the barrier reef, divers will find the ideal place to dive, 10 minutes by boat, they enter the crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea and they will find that they can dive from 60 to 80 feet deep. With such large reef terrain Divers will be able to observe various species of fish and marine life that inhabits the reef, they may also encounter a shark.

Our expert guides will search daily, depending on the weather and the season, the perfect place to dive. You will enjoy seeing great rays, turtles, eels and schools of snapper, cat's eye. Due to the remoteness of the reef from the coast, it flourishes and proliferates in such a way that they will feel that they are diving in an aquatic research. Diving in Belize is the wanted sport due to the diversity of places to do it. When the weather allows it, diving is done in a small remote key without inhabitants; after diving, you can have a picnic on the uninhabited and silent beach , or soak up the sun while taking a break and then dive back into the turquoise waters of Belize.

This is a very fun way to see and get to know the aquatic world of Belize. It is relaxing and easy to do if you are not a diver but want the experience of seeing the surface of the reef and the species that inhabit it, snorkeling is your ideal activity. You can live the experience floating on the surface of the ocean, it is easy and safe. If you know how to swim and float, this activity is the ideal one to do in Belize. Depending on the weather conditions that prevail the day you wish to snorkel, our expert guide will take you and the divers to the ideal place to live this magnificent experience. You must have a mask and a breathing tube, if you do not have your own, we provide it, so you don’t miss any detail of Belize's underwater life. Snorkeling is a perfect experience to see marine life without disturbing it, you will float face down on the surface, you will not scare the fish because with the little movement you must do you will not disturb the marine fauna. With the correct mask correctly covering your eyes and nose, and the tube, you must feel pleasant and from there start your adventure to snorkel.