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Hiking in Belize

Belize is a place for hiking, not only reserves and specific sites, but the whole country is an inexhaustible source of places to visit. The country has a great number of places to go hiking, both for beginners and expert trotters. The forest reserves have rustic and picturesque trails for hikers who want adventure. During a walk you can observe diverse flora and fauna. During your hiking adventure in Belize you might find a natural swimming pool at the end of a crystalline waterfall, if you feel like it, take a basket for a picnic. Some trails are easy to walk, for others, it is necessary the experience of our guide who knows every corner of the reserves, in addition to guiding you, they will point out the birds, animals and wildlife typical of the region.

It doesn't matter what kind of hiker you are, or what level you are, we have a special destination for you, or what you are looking for. You can make one day trips or several days trips. if you choose the last option and want to spend several days camping and hiking, we assure you that you will have more chances to find more flora and fauna, it would not be uncommon to meet howler monkeys, crocodiles or the tracks of a shy jaguar, save your food well or will be available for a tapir.

If you want to hike in Belize, the reserves along Belize are inhabited by a large number of species of flora and fauna that will delight you and keep your senses alert. It does not matter if you do it as a sport or a hobby, if you are a scientist or an artist, you will find that Belize offers beautiful landscapes and places to make hiking your new favorite activity.