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Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Travel Guide

The Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve consists of beautiful, unspoiled mountain country complemented by rivers, waterfalls and caves and hosting the most beautiful flora and fauna. This Reserve is the only pine forest in Central America and the largest and oldest of Belize's parklands. Many nature trails and impressive destinations make Mountain Pine Ridge the ideal place for hiking and horseback riding, while the many rivers that run through it are great for kayaking and canoeing. Above all, the reserve is a wonderful place to contemplate nature and view birds and other wildlife, as well as its many incredible natural wonders.

Attractions and Activities

Discovering Mountain Pine Ridge Forestal Reserve

The Mountain Pine reserve is home to various types of animals such as cougars, jaguars, ocelots, coatis, tapir, there is also a small population of crocodiles, Mountain Pine also has various types of birds, including toucans, typical of the region and stand out for its beautiful colors, there are also birds that migrate and appear in winter, some fish live in the ponds.

Rio Frio Cave
The area around Rio Frio Cave is an example of the different ecosystems of Belize. In just a few hundred yards you descend from pine savanna to a tropical forest just before reaching the river that runs through the center of the huge cave.

Barton Creek Cave
Baron Creek Cave is a ceremonial cave that can be access only by canoe. From the comfort of your canoe, allow yourself to explore all the areas, of the nearly five miles long cave, opened for tourists.

Rio On Pools
Driving off the Mountain Pine Ridge main road you will find Rio On Pools, a popular bathing area. The river flows over granite ledges and rocks that form small waterfalls and pools, perfect place for a refreshing splash.

Thousand-Foot Falls
There are numerous waterfalls in Cayo District. The highest waterfall in Belize, and in fact in Central America, is the Hidden Valley Falls (also called Thousand Foot Falls), a spectacular cascade that plunges over 1,500 ft. down the mountain. Other waterfalls include: Butterfly Falls, situated on the property of Hidden Valley Inn; Five Sisters Falls; and Big Rock Falls.

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Location and Map

Mountain Paine Ridge Forestal Reserve is located approximately 1.5 hours from San Ignacio.

Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve

Distrito Cayo