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Enjoy Belize values the association with travel agents and pays good commissions. We work based on "agent of record"; meaning that if your client contacts us directly and you let us know this may happen, we recognize your commission.

Our website provides comprehensive coverage of Belize. We will assist you with the quality service you expect from a Belizean travel expert. Your clients are important to us too and we will take care of every detail of their vacation. To ensure a good experience, we recommend hotels and service providers that we personally know.

Most of our content cannot be found on any GDS. With all the information and experience we have accumulated through the years; we can customize any vacation package to meet your client’s high expectations. Having offices in Central America and the United States likewise gives us competitive edge on destination management and customer satisfaction.

If you are interested in working with us, complete the short form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Please take note that Enjoy Belize does not send out brochures to Travel Agents. All details of our offering can be consulted here in our website.

For more information please contact  or call us at 1-800 910 6180.

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    If you already have some ideas on how you would like to spend your vacation in Belize then please let us know. We provide a detailed travel itinerary with directions to hotels, suggestions for daily excursions, activities and local transportation schedules to all clients.


    Please note: we can’t book tents on the beach, vacation homes or rental apartments since they are not conducive for touring around.


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