Transportation in Belize

The best way for a tourist to get around in Belize is with private transportation and local flights. We recommend you make the necessary reservations before your arrival in Belize. Tourist transport companies have the necessary documentation, clean cars and vans and tourist transport insurance. We do not recommend using public transportation as it is complicated, although a little safer than in other Central American countries. Renting a car is an option, but you can't take it everywhere, especially if you want to visit the islands.

Private Transportation
The best option in Belize is to have a private tourist transport company to take you to each destination. They pick you up directly at the airport and take you to your hotel, while you relax. It is a door to door service. All you need to do is indicate where you want to be picked up and where you want to go. You choose the most convenient time for the transfer and we can advise you. The drivers are professionals, responsible people who know the most accessible and safe ways to get to each destination.

Local flights
Belize has airports at every major destination, and this is a fast and safe way to travel from one destination to another. In Belize City there are two airports, one international and the other municipal, from both airports flights depart to the interior of Belize. Every day there are regular flights between Belize City and the different destinations. If the schedules do not fit your itinerary you can request private flights or helicopters, this option is fast and comfortable, recommended if you have a high budget.

Shared Transfers
Some tourist destinations are connected with collective tourist transport which circulates between the airport and the different destinations, such as San Ignacio, hotels in Belize City, Hopkins and Placencia. The schedules are already established, and you must reserve your place in advance as they have limited availability.

Urban public transportation
There are buses that go around the city as this is the way Belizeans get to their jobs and homes, usually the transport leaves every hour, but during rush hour they leave every half hour. It is not highly recommended if you do not know the routes.

Rural public transport
There are bus stations in the main cities of Belize. They are small stations and the system is a bit chaotic. In the place you will find handwritten posters with the schedules and the places to which they travel. There are several companies and they take turns to provide the transportation service.

Cabs are recommended to move around the city, to go outside is better a tourist transport service, private or collective. The cars used for the cab service are old and sometimes they don't turn on the air conditioning, which is so necessary in a hot place like Belize. Most cabs are shared so don't panic if the driver lets other people in. In some places, such as bus terminals or docks, cabs are organized, and these are private. All the plates that identify the cabs are green, so they are easy to recognize. Uber, Lift and any other shared transport application do not exist in Belize so do not expect your application to work here.

Car Rental
Car companies can be found at the airport and other locations in the city. This is an independent way to get around, but it is the most expensive. The driver's license from your country is valid in Belize for 3 months. Always have your license handy as you can find several registration booths. We recommend that you use GPS as road signage is scarce and, in some places, you will not find any. Also, the roads are in bad condition and at night there is very little light so you should drive very carefully.

Water Taxis
If you don't want to take local flights to the islands and cayes, water cabs are an option. There are water cabs from the mainland to the islands and cayes, the main departure and return point is Belize City. There are also water cabs between some of the cayes and other mainland locations, such as Corozal, and to hotels on the islands and cayes. This is the means of transportation used by the locals. If you have a low budget this is a good option.