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Kayaking in Belize

Kayak is a type of boat that can fit from 1 to 4 people. It is regularly used for sports, however, it has become a recreational tourist means of transport, where you can explore places near the shore on the sea, river or lake. Belize, mainly nature and beach destination, offers perfect places to kayak in Belize. Here you can kayak on a river, you can find rivers all over the country, you can also do it on the sea, as it is a Caribbean country, the waves are small and calm, especially for a quiet walk on the beach. Another kayak destination, believe it or not, are the caves, which abound in the natural environment of Belize; there are rivers that flow inside the caves, making the experience different.

But if you want a higher level adventure, you can kayak the shallow waters near the reef. They are calm regularly and do not have large tidal currents, the larger waves being stopped by the coral reef along the shoreline. The farthest atolls are also perfect for kayaking, no matter if you have kayak knowledge or not, we have guides that give you a lesson on how to handle the kayak, and provide you with the right kayak for your body and your level of experience, there are also for children and adults.

If you want to kayak in Belize, you will be able to do it near the reef, from your kayak you will be able to see the marine species that inhabit the reef; the colorful fish will pass around you and it is not surprising that you come close to a dolphin; you can navigate in mangroves, where you will discover another living ecosystem of Belize; or on the river, where you will observe in the distance some howler monkey, or a colorful toucan; the tropical climate of Belize is ideal for a one or several day kayak adventure, for beginners or advanced.