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Dangriga Travel Guide

Dangriga, the largest town in southern Belize, is the capital of Belize's Stann Creek District. In Belize it has gained the nickname "The Culture Capital" for its mix of diverse peoples and cultures, being the home of some of Belize's most innovative musical forms and sporting activities. Dangriga was first settled under the name "Stann Creek Town" as a trading and logging post in the late 17th century. Dangriga, Hopkins, and several smaller fishing villages preserve the unique Garinagu culture (also known as Garifuna and Caribs). Dangriga means “sweet water” in the Garifuna language.

The best way to get to Dangriga from Belize City is to take a short 15 minutes flight; if you prefer, the car ride takes 2 hours approximately.

Attractions and Activities

Discovering Dangriga

Dangriga was colonized and for many years later it was the second largest population in Belize. For a few years there has been a revival of the Garifuna culture. If you want a visit that includes culture and mixing various activities, you must come to Dangriga. You will have the opportunity to spend time with the residents of this beautiful town, they are very friendly and kind. Garifuna people have adopted the Caribbean language, but maintain their African musical and religious traditions, while occupying a central place in the history of the Catholic Church and Catholic education in Belize. Dangriga is also the place where Caribbean music originated, Punta Rock, and where some of Belize's folk bands can be found. From Dangriga you can practice various activities such as Fishing, Diving and Snorkeling. You cannot miss any of these activities. You can also visit the village of Hopkins, another destination between the lovers of the Belizean culture. From Dangriga you can also do other non-aquatic activities, such as visiting the Cockscomb Nature Reserve. This impressive reserve is located just 32 km from Dangriga.

Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary
Located in the Maya Mountains, this is a sanctuary for the endangered jaguar. If you want to have the chance to see a jaguar, we suggest you take an evening guided tour and you might also see others type of cats like jaguarandi, margay, puma and ocelot. Plus, you will have the opportunity to spot over 300 hundred different species of birds including scarlet macaws, haws, toucan and king vulture. Due to al the insects you will find here, we suggest you bring repellent and protective clothe.

The 17-mile long peninsula has some of the best beaches on mainland Belize. Here you will find the town with the same name, Placencia, a fishing village with Creole traditions. A great destination to get to know the Creole culture, food and people. You can do day tours or just relax at the beach and then head into town to visit on of the restaurants, bars or art galleries.

Less known but equally beautiful, the coastal village of Hopkins is located 25 minutes south of Dangriga. Here you will get a feel of the authentic Garifuna culture. In recent years, Hopkins has become a popular destination where the visitors can hang on the beach, eat fresh fish, kayak along the shore, hike in the rainforest, practice water activities and enjoy a drumming show.

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Location and Map

Dangriga is located at 65km/40mi from Belize City, the closest international airport is the Philip S. W. Goldson. You can reach Dangriga from Belize city by air or land.

Dangriga, Belize

Population: 10,800