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Birdwatching in Belize

There are more than 500 species of birds in Belize. This beautiful country is an ideal destination for bird watching. You can sail on the coast and find many species of aquatic birds. You can also navigate through the mangroves rich in other birds that feed on the variety of trees in the region, you can also go through the forest and pine reserves, where you will find another great variety of tropical bird species.

The birds of Belize are in several key points, our experts know where they are and will guide you to where you can have a view of the strangest species. If you are an expert, you will know that most birds are active in the morning, so if you want to have a real bird watching you should get up very early and take a walk to see the early birds. If you want a waterfowl watching you have to visit marine reserves; if what you want to see are forest birds, we can take you to the forest reserves in Belize; the Mountain Pine reserve has woodpeckers and some colorful toucans. If you want to go on a bird watching visit, keep in mind that you will spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying the warm Belizean climate, and seeing how Belizean birds enjoy their wooded surroundings, where they feel safe.

The vast forest and high humidity of Belize makes it a great home for different species of birds. Most birds will show up during your stay in Belize. Keep in mind that in addition to bird watching, you can enjoy the forest and nature of Belize, our guides are expert hunters of native species of Belizean birds and will take you on a true bird watching adventure, don’t forget that you must bring your binoculars to be able to enjoy this unique adventure. You cannot enjoy bird watching only on land, we can take you by boat to a key, where other species of aquatic birds nest, and where you will experience an unforgettable bird watching in Belize.