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Rappel in Belize

If you like to rappel, Belize has wonderful waterfalls to do this unique adventure sport. You must like nature, because to reach the top of these beautiful waterfalls you must enter the thick Belizean jungle to start the descent with the accompanying water. Rappel in Belize is an activity only for people who want an extreme and rewarding adventure. Specialists will guide and instruct you to make your trip safe.

In the heights of some waterfalls you have impressive views of the Caribbean Sea and the tropical forest of Belize and at the end you will descend into pools of crystalline and refreshing water. If you do not know the technique for rappelling, the specialized instructors will guide and instruct you on how to do it. If you like mountaineering, hiking or caving, you cannot miss this adventure that will complement your tastes to extreme sports. If you are a calmer person, you should still try this unique activity. Belize is available for you to try new activities like rappelling. You will be given the necessary artifacts and equipment to make you feel safe and enjoy this fantastic activity to the fullest.

Belize has an ideal nature environment for explorers, while you go deep into the rain forest, you will be able to observe several native species, as well as exceptional fauna. Belize's climate is ideal for preserving humidity from waterfalls, and they make rappel in Belize interesting throughout most of the year. Expert guides will guide the most knowledgeable, and give the necessary techniques to beginners. Everyone will feel very comfortable rappelling for the first time, feeling like they had been rappelling a long time ago, it is a rewarding sport for the challenges it represents, without being dangerous.