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Belize City Travel Guide

Located in the coast, Belize City is the gateway to explore Belize. The city is the financial and industrial center of the country and has the main harbor, and for most traders is the business center. You can start your adventure through Belize here since the international airport is located here. You will also find the domestic airport and the harbor from there you can connect to other destinations of the country. There is not much to do in Belize City and if you want to see it you can do it in one day but if you stay here you can take day tours to rainforest hikes, visit Mayan sites, cave tubing tours, ziplines, visit the Blue Hole, etc.

Attractions and Activities

Discovering Belize City

Belize City has its charm, it still preserves some houses with colonial style, you can visit the cathedral, the governors house, the main streets and other government buildings, full of history. You can visit all in just one day, after that you can only take day tours to other sites, but since there is not much to do in the city after a day tour we suggest you to overnight in other destinations in Belize. Another main attractive of Belize City is its weather, which is hot and sunny most of the year, but like all the Caribbean countries, it has its raining days, due to its location is prone to hurricanes. If you wish to go to a sunny paradise you can’t miss the opportunity to start your visit in Belize City. The city has several good restaurants where you can enjoy the many Belizean dishes, you must not leave without trying a local restaurant.


Blue Hole
This beautiful giant sink hole is part of the Lighthouse Reef. It is the favorite destination for divers. If you are not a diver, you can book a charter flight and enjoy the view from the air.

Cayo District
Cayo District is one of the main destinations in Belize due to its natural beauty. If you are an adventure seeker this is the place for you. Hike in the jungle, navigate in rivers under caves, explore the underworld of the caves, and be amazed by the Mayan temples.

Beaches and Islands
Belize City is a coastal city, but if you want to enjoy a beach, you must travel to one of the islands or visit one of the beautiful beaches at two or three hours. Placencia, Dangriga and Hopkings are some of the towns with beautiful white sand beaches. There are cayes and atolls to choose from. You can either stay in a private island resort or a hotel in one of the busiest islands, San Pedro.

Belize City Museums
Belize City Museum
This museum keeps the treasures of Belize, they are dedicated to the collection, preservation and exhibition of objects of scientific, historical or artistic interest.

Maritime Museum
Zlong with the museum of adjacent coastal areas, its mission is to educate visitors about the history of shipping and shipbuilding in Belize through a series of ancient documents, model ships, paintings and other manifestations. The Coastal Zone Museum also explores the ecology of coral reefs in Belize.

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Location and Map

Belize City stretches from mile 8 on the Western Highway to mile 13 or 14 of the Northern Highway at the Haulover Bridge. The city is divided into two zones: the Northside, delimited by the Haulover Creek and reaching east to the Fort George area; and the Southside, which extends towards the outskirts of the city and the port area and includes the urban center. Belize City holds the only international airport, the point of arrival and departure for Belize.

Belize City, Belize

Population: 58,000