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Nature in Belize

One of Belize’s main attraction is its beautiful nature. It is hard to image a more perfect place to encounter nature than Belize. With its proximity to North America, English-speaking people, exotic wildlife and rich diversity of resources, Belize is unbeatable for travelers wanting to discover nature and its treasures. In Belize you will experience rainforests, reefs, caves and caverns, rivers and trails at its best. Belize wildlife will surprise you in every corner of the country.

Half of Belize is covered by dense rainforest, and eighty percent of its rainforest remains under government protection, much of it unexplored. These tropical forests provide habitats for a wide range of animals including jaguar, puma, ocelot, armadillo, tapir and crocodile. For those with the spirit to venture off the beaten track, the natural and cultural diversity of Toledo makes a visit to Southern Belize a unique adventure. 

The underwater world of Belize is as rich and varied as the country’s interior… beneath the turquoise sea is a tapestry and range that exceed every other Caribbean dive destination in diversity, size and scope. Diving in Belize is world-class. Belize counts with the second largest Barrier Reef in the world, three magnificent atolls, 400 species of fish, 70 types of hard coral, brightly colored sponges, layers of gorgonians and an endless array of dive sites. The mystique of the Blue Hole (nearly 1,000 ft in diameter), and the lure of the immense atolls share headlines with the hemisphere’s longest Barrier Reef.

Caves & Caverns
Belize has a magnificent network of underground caves and caverns. Visitors journey into an undiscovered world with cool breezes flowing from the misty entrances! Canoe or tube your way along a subterranean river system to new exploration. This journey into Belize’s cava system is like a trip into an underground library, an opportunity to learn about the ancient Maya and exotic animal species, both living and extinct. Fast becoming one of Belize’s most popular activities, caving provides thrills to suit any fitness lever. Go ahead; let your caving journey begin.

From north to south, east to west, Belize is blessed with sparkling rivers that provide plenty of opportunities for visitors, including tubing, canoeing, rafting and more. Rivers wind and weave through Belize like glistening thread against a tapestry of green. Cool refreshing waters rush from the headland, following their natural paths across the countryside to meet the distant sea. From border to border, they swirl and curl through the land providing many resources for locals and travelers alike.

Trails & Hiking
Numerous trails, designed for all types and ages, explode with natural excitement. Whether you are adventurous or not so adventurous, Belize has a path through its environmental wonderland that’s just right for you. You can participate in organized tours for hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking – or set out on your own. Trails can be found in National Parks, resorts, private lands and archaeological sites throughout Belize. Learn about and Enjoy the flora, fauna, birds and wildlife.

Bird Watching
Half of Belize is covered by rainforest which makes it a perfect home for different species of birds, just in one of the National Parks you can find over 300 species of birds. Beginners and veteran bird watchers can come to Belize year-round to see some of the 618 species of birds that live in Belize or are stop here in their migration routes.