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Sport Fishing

Sport fishing in Belize is guided by an expert who knows the exact and perfect places to do it. It is very accessible since the location of the Belizean coasts make it an ideal place to practice it, if you are an expert you will find that sport fishing in Belize is excellent; if you are a novice you will discover a new hobby in sport fishing. After a short trip from Ambergris, you will tour the barrier reef looking for the perfect place to fish.

Fishing is one of the economic engines in Belize, as it is a coastal country, the industry continues to grow, this has made it highly regulated, and makes sport fishing very popular. If you are an expert or beginner, our extensive knowledge of the area will make your experience unforgettable and you will most likely be able to enjoy successful fishing. The Great Barrier Reef is a paradise for fishing lovers and all water sports. The Belizean marine ecosystem guarantees a great variety of marine species. The barrier is the home of many species that you may have never seen, for this reason you cannot miss the adventure of sport fishing in Belize.

You can do reef fishing or flat fishing, we offer several trips to different parts of the Belize coast, and we can assure you a pleasant catch. If you are looking for barracudas, snappers, mere cats or others, with us you can do the fishing you want. The important thing is that you enjoy your experience to the fullest. Belize and the Belizeans are super friendly and will give you very good fishing advice, your guide will be friendly and help you in this wonderful experience, If you bring children, they are welcome, we will ensure that they enjoy it to the fullest, taking the necessary measures for their safety, they can enjoy the experience as much as adults. We are waiting for you with your family on a fishing adventure.