From the moment you send us your first form, with your vacation plans in Belize, we will work hand in hand with you to ensure that the result is what you expect from an unforgettable vacation. We will make sure you are satisfied with the selected hotels based on your preferences and budget. During the process, we will provide you with the best knowledge we have to obtain the best results. These are the basic steps of a normal consultation process:

  1. ConsultWe listen to your opinion to know what you want, what you prefer and the needs you have for your vacations in Belize. Because of this, our specialists in Belize Travel can advise you and provide you with a personalized itinerary that will meet all your expectations.
  2. Pre-reservationOnce you agree on the itinerary and the price, we will make reservations for the services in Belize. When we have everything confirmed we will send you the final itinerary.
  3. ReservationOnce the pre-reservation has been made and the final itinerary has been agreed, payment (a single payment or by installments) is required either by credit card, debit card or bank transfer. We reconfirm all your reservations and process them.
  4. Confirmation voucherA few days after processing the payment, we will send you the vouchers that confirm your reservations, along with a summary of all your reservations. By presenting these vouchers in Belize, you will be recognized as a guest of Enjoy Belize and you will receive the indicated services.

To start the process and plan your trip to Belize with the help of one of our agents, please fill out our Trip Planner.